Growing up in the boisterously butch world of Queens, New York, Vincent marched or rather cheered to the beat of his own drum. While most boys his age idolized athletes and action heroes, Vincent worshiped pint-sized sitcom star Gary Coleman and the devilish divas of Dynasty.

Born and raised in a conservative Italian/Irish Catholic family, Vincent struggled with being the only boy, the last of the family name and enjoying the company of men. His father, Big Vince, was a construction worker while his mother Lois, was a stay-at-home Mom. While life often resembled an episode of All In The Family, Vincent longed for the lavish lifestyle depicted on his favorite prime time drama Dynasty. Well, he may not have become a Carrington, but he's certainly come a long way from the closed minded world of Queens, to living an open, honest life in West Hollywood amongst the queens.

Vincent is an actor, writer and producer. He's performed in various theater productions both in New York & Los Angeles and debuted his critically acclaimed one-man stage show Becoming Butch in Los Angeles in March of 2009. After a successful sold out run, Becoming Butch returned to the LA theatre scene in May 2010 at the renowned Celebration Theatre, for which Vincent was awarded Best Solo Performance by StageSceneLA. Vincent then set sail with Atlantis Events in August of 2010 to perform Becoming Butch aboard the Celebrity Equinox cruise ship as it toured the Mediterranean.

Vincent has also produced programming for both television and radio, and spent four years serving as Writer/Producer of Hollywood Confidential, an internationally syndicated radio program. His personal essays have been published in numerous magazines including Instinct, ENR and via his own monthly column in Frontiers in LA magazine. To read more, check out his blog.

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